In Significant Mother budding Portland restaurateur Nate's world is turned upside down when he comes back from a business trip to find his lothario best friend and roommate, Jimmy, is now dating his recently separated mother, Lydia. To make matters worse, Nate's previously disinterested dad, Harrison is now determined to win Lydia back and isn't afraid to use Nate to get what he wants. Stuck between his family feud and his best friend's first serious relationship, Nate's "new normal" forever changes his relationships with his parents, and severely handicaps his own dating life.

Significant Mother - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-03

Significant Mother - Jonathan Silverman - Netflix

Jonathan Elihu Silverman (born August 5, 1966) is an American actor. Known for his role in the comedies Weekend at Bernie's and its sequel Weekend at Bernie's II.

Significant Mother - Career - Netflix

Silverman is known for his roles in the TV series Gimme A Break!, as well as in the films Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) (a film version of the first play of Neil Simon's Eugene Trilogy), Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985), Caddyshack II (1988) , Little Big League (1994), and Weekend at Bernie's (1989). Silverman played the title role in the television sitcom The Single Guy (which aired on NBC starting in 1995), as well as the lead role in the 1992 movie Little Sister. He has appeared on CSI: Miami (in a third-season episode called “Under the Influence”). He made a guest appearance on Friends in the episode “The One with the Birth.” He appeared briefly on The Bold and the Beautiful in the early 2000s. He starred in the short-lived sitcom In Case of Emergency, which was a mid-season replacement on ABC for the 2006 season. He played the role of Eddie in Beethoven's Big Break. He later guest starred in Psych in February 2009 and in Hot in Cleveland in 2012. He was in the movie Jam (2006) He appeared in the television show White Collar in the episode “Veiled Threat” as a con artist. He has also been in Inkubus and the upcoming Self Stored by Wood Haven Productions. He guest starred as a controversial standup comedian in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2014. He will also guest star in Elementary in early 2016.

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