Alba is a 17 year old girl who moves with her uncle Miguel to a new city looking for a new life. Nevertheless, when she arrives to her new school she realizes adapting won't be that easy because everyone is looking at her - she is just like Cris, a girl who disappeared a half year ago - When Alba finds out, she decides to investigate the case with unpredictable consequences.

Si fueras tú - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-11

Si fueras tú - Andrés Cepeda - Netflix

Andrés Cepeda (born July 7, 1973) is a popular Colombian singer-songwriter. He was born in Bogotá, the youngest of five children. He displayed an inclination towards music from an early age, studying piano since the age of 5. He composed his first piece at the age of 12. His musical career began as the lead voice of Poligamia, a latin rock-pop group which he founded with some friends during his adolescence. After Poligamia was disbanded, Cepeda continued with his musical career as a soloist, finding success in different musical genres such as bolero and Balada, among other romantic genres. His album El carpintero achieved quadruple-platinum sales in Colombia.

Si fueras tú - Filmography - Netflix

La Voz Colombia (Coach), 2012 La Voz Colombia (Coach), 2013 La Voz Colombia (Coach), 2014

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