The concept of the show is to select a group of promising rappers from open auditions and whittle down that number down through various assignments, with contestant survival dependent on the "producers," a group of experienced rappers who also serve as mentors. Eventually the rappers are divided into small teams headed by those producers. From there each contestant will face a different team's rapper in head-to-head single-elimination rounds where survival in the competition is dependent on votes from a live studio audience. In the third season, there was also a "Revival Round" in which contestants previously eliminated had a chance to continue in the competition.

Show Me the Money - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 80 minutes

Premier: 2012-06-22

Show Me the Money - Show Me the Money 4 - Netflix

The fourth season of Show Me the Money (SMTM) premiered on June 26, 2015, airing every Friday evening on Mnet, and ended with its last episode aired on August 28, 2015. Mnet's fourth season of SMTM features YG judges Jinusean and Tablo, San E and Verbal Jint from Brand New Music, AOMG judges Jay Park and Loco, and judges Paloalto of Hi-Lite Records and Zico. Over 7,000 contestants auditioned this year with more idol rappers, veterans, and women participating in the competition. Snoop Dogg also appeared as a special guest judge during the guerrilla mission. The winner of the season was Basick, with Song Min-ho as runner up.

Show Me the Money - Notable Contestants - Netflix

P-Type - The rap teacher of CL, signed under Brand New Music, and one of the most influential figures in Korean hip-hop. Shockingly eliminated during the second round. Jooheon of Monsta X - Eliminated during the third round; got one special chance on Revival Round but eventually lost against One. Vernon of Seventeen - Caused controversy for barely passing the second round when other rappers that were more experienced than him were eliminated. Eliminated in the third round against AndUp. Taewoon - Zico's older brother and the former leader of SPEED; now a solo rapper under Doublekick Entertainment. He was part of the Top 24 but was not chosen to be part of Top 16.

Show Me the Money - References - Netflix