Orphaned at a young age by tragedy in the jungle, Sheena was raised by the last living member of a native tribe, the Kaya, who possessed the mystical power to "shape shift" into the forms of wild animals by feeding the spirit of their soul. It's a gift shared by Sheena, who can turn herself into an animal and travel through the jungle unrecognized while battling outside forces that invade La Mistas, her primal home.

Sheena - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2000-10-07

Sheena - Sheena Bora murder case - Netflix

Sheena Bora, an executive working for Mumbai Metro One based in Mumbai, went missing on 24 April 2012. In August 2015 Mumbai Police arrested her mother Indrani Mukerjea, her stepfather Sanjeev Khanna, and her mother's driver, Shyamvar Pinturam Rai, for allegedly abducting and killing her and subsequently burning her corpse. Khanna and Rai confessed to the crime, and Mukerjea has said that Sheena Bora is living in the United States.

Sheena - Early life, family history and personal life - Netflix

Sheena Das Bora and brother Mikhail were born to Pori Bora (later known as Indrani Mukerjea), an Indian HR consultant and media executive, and Siddhartha Das in 1987 in Shillong, Meghalaya. Indrani left the children under the care of her parents in Guwahati and moved to Kolkata. There she studied computers and stayed as a paying guest. Sheena and her brother were subsequently raised in the city of Guwahati by their maternal grandparents. In Kolkata, Indrani married Sanjeev Khanna and the couple had a daughter. They divorced in 2002, and Indrani married Peter Mukerjea. When Sheena Bora learned about her mother and moved to Mumbai in 2006, Indrani introduced her as her younger sister. Sheena was admitted to St. Xavier's College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree (2006-2009). In 2009, she joined Reliance Infrastructure as a management trainee. In June 2011, Sheena joined Mumbai Metro One as an assistant manager.

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