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Seven Sharp is on TV ONE, weeknights at 7pm.

Seven Sharp - Netflix

Type: News

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-04

Seven Sharp - Dominant seventh sharp ninth chord - Netflix

In music, the dominant 7♯9 chord (“dominant seven sharp nine” or “dominant seven sharp ninth”) is a chord built by combining a dominant seventh with an augmented second. This chord is used in many forms of contemporary popular music, including jazz, funk, R&B, hip hop, rock and pop. As a dominant chord in diatonic harmony, it most commonly functions as a turnaround chord, returning to the tonic. However, the 7♯9 is also frequently used in some styles as a tonic without the resolution typical of a dominant chord.

Seven Sharp - Name - Netflix

The chord is also sometimes colloquially known, among pop and rock guitarists, as the Hendrix chord or Purple Haze chord, nicknamed for guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who showed a preference for the chord and did a great deal to popularize its use in mainstream rock music. When used by The Beatles it has also been called the Gretty chord although this can refer to a distinct 6 string version.

Seven Sharp - References - Netflix