Set in a practice of psychoanalysis, this fiction series follows the everyday professional and personal therapist Theo. Appears daily, each episode of the plot is marked by the history of one of his patients and last week's episode will always bring an assessment of the therapist Theo made by her supervisor Dora. Directed by Selton Mello, the plot is a Brazilian version of the Israeli series "BeTipul" by Hagai Levi.

Sessão de Terapia - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-01

Sessão de Terapia - Selton Mello - Netflix

Selton Figueiredo Mello (born December 30, 1972) is a Brazilian actor and film director. Since his childhood, he acted on TV shows. Now he works on TV, movies and theater. Throughout his career, he developed a strong and solid experience in cinema, producing and directing movies and videoclips, and being publicly and critically acclaimed for it. The actor hosted Tarja Preta, a TV show about culture and independent movies, from 2004 until 2008.

Sessão de Terapia - Publishers name - Netflix

Kaleu Silva de Alencar

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