Selection Day is based on the novel of the same name by best-selling author Aravind Adiga, which revolves around cricket and corruption. It's a coming of age story about Manju Kumar, one of a pair of young brothers raised by a cricket-obsessed father and aiming to be selected into Mumbai's under-19 team. When 14-year-old Manju, who also has a penchant for scientific facts, gets to know his brother's great rival, everything in his life begins to change and he is faced with decisions that will alter his sense of self and of the world around him.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Hindi

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

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Selection Day - Indian Army Para (Special Forces) selection - Netflix

The selection process for becoming an Indian army paratrooper (special forces) operative or para sf (also known as Maroon Berets) is as rigorous as any special forces selection in the world such as the United States Army Q Course or the United Kingdom Special Forces Selection. There are nine Para (SF) battalions and soldiers are selected accordingly. An example of this would be the 10 Para (SF) who are also known as Desert Scorpions. The probation period for this is six month and the probationers are selected accordingly for desert warfare. The 9 Para (SF) who specialise in jungle warfare go through a nine-month course at the Special Forces training centre in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh which is followed by further specialised selection. 1 Para specialises in mountain warfare. This concept of geographical specialisation was over time reduced and each Para (SF) battalion is trained to operate in various different terrains and climates. Soldiers of the Indian army volunteer for the course irrespective of rank. Depending on the battalion, the probation period varies from three months, six months or nine months, with additional time for specialized skills selection. Over the probation period, all soldiers are stripped of their ranks, including officers, and are known as probationers or probies. During any day of the course, a probie can opt to leave the course. The completion rate is under 12-15 per cent and this slightly high completion rate is because many probationers are drawn from their regimental battalions. Each Special Forces operative specialises in various skills such as weapons, demolition, navigation, communication, medical. PARA (SF) work in small teams, five to eight men, and are also focused on operations other than war (OOW), strategic reconnaissance, surveillance, target designation (RSTAD) and direct action (DA) tasks and are selected and trained accordingly. Those who complete the probation period and are inducted into the para sf and undergo further selection and training, but to earn the para sf balidaan (sacrifice) badge, they have to further survive being deployed in active operations in hostile zones, known as the balidaan padh.

Selection Day - SF Training - Netflix

Although this is also a training phase, this is still part of the selection process. Here the soldiers undertake various different kinds of training with various organisations overseen by the Parachute Regiment Training Centre and the Special Forces Training School. Training includes weapons handling training land navigation and field craft training, infiltration, assault and ambush tactics; close quarter battle (CQB) training; urban warfare; counter-terrorism; unarmed combat training and various other courses across training centers of the Indian defense forces.

Selection Day - References - Netflix