Pilar Beltrán, an high-school History teacher, decides to move from Madrid to Oviedo with her daughter Elvira.

In her new destiny, Pilar will be involved in the worries, concerns, problems and joys of a group of teens adolescents. Additionally she will have a complex relationship with Jandro, the school director.

Segunda enseñanza - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 1986-01-23

Segunda enseñanza - Instituto Libre de Segunda Enseñanza - Netflix

The Instituto Libre de Segunda Enseñanza is a high school that depends on the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). It has approximately 1000 students, and it is located in Libertad 555 street, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. As it is affiliated with the University, it has an admission process that lasts one year and consists of an admission course, which involves multiple exams in Mathematics, History, Language and Geography. Almost all of its faculty teaches in the UBA, and physical education is performed at the Universidad de Buenos Aires campus, in Ciudad Universitaria. One of its characteristics is that there is no need to do the CBC (a public admission year to enter the university), because it offers its students the possibility of attending an extra 6th year in the career they have chosen. The school has a reputation for being strict and rigorous, not admitting students who have been held back, or have more than one subject that hasn't been passed.) The school has also earned several education awards for its academic excellence.

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The school's facilities are: five labs (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, and Arts), a library on the last floor that serves as a study area, and a variety of art and science workshops.

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