A dark, edgy and violent political, sci-fi thriller from César-nominated writer and director, Olivier Marchal.

Set in the near future, multi-national corporations are Europe's new leaders. One of the most powerful, Prométhée, wishes to further secure their growing dominance by replacing the police force with their own private militias, the Black Squad, led by Henry Munro.

Following the shooting of his daughter, his life in shambles and darkest secrets exposed, an idealistic law enforcement officer, Sirius Becker with nowhere to turn, aligns himself with an old cop Franck Varnove

Sirius takes charge of Franck's clan- destine, elite squadron, Section Zéro, to battle these dark, violent militias, promising a return to traditional law enforcement before the world they've known disappears forever.

Section Zéro - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-04

Section Zéro - Mega Man Zero - Netflix

The Mega Man Zero series, known as Rockman Zero (ロックマンゼロ, Rokkuman Zero) in Japan, is a series in Capcom's Mega Man video game franchise. It was developed by Inti Creates, with Co-Producer Keiji Inafune and Director Yoshinori Kawano. The series consists of four games that were first released on the Game Boy Advance and later on the Nintendo DS and the Virtual Console (Wii U). The story plays a century after the Mega Man X storyline and follows the re-awakened Zero, who is fighting in a war between humans and Reploids — self-conscious, human-like robots — who are oppressed hunted down by mankind due to a worldwide energy shortage crisis. Together with the human scientist Ciel, Zero helps the Reploid resistance survive and fights against other Reploids sent by mankind to destroy them. However, this is only the setup for the story and events change drastically throughout the series.

Section Zéro - Content editing - Netflix

In the original Japanese version, robot characters that were wounded by being cut in half or sliced up would spurt oil. Due to the oil's resemblance to blood, much of this was removed in the North American and European versions (Mega Man Zero) to obtain an E rating for the game (similarly, this blood-like oil appeared in the animated cutscenes of Mega Man X4 a few years earlier, though the game still received an E rating (then known as K-A at the time)). This is most notable in the opening sequence of Mega Man Zero. The English version of the Mega Man Zero series has also edited some instances of words such as “die” or “death,” replacing them with terms such as “perish,” “destroy,” or “retire,” most likely to maintain an E rating.

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