Desmond Jordan is an archaeologist who found an old parchment in which, the history of the Talking Mountain that is guarded by the guardian of an ancient and sought-after treasure hidden somewhere in the Sahara desert, was mentioned. After Desmond saves Anthea, a mysterious woman warrior, the two are hunted down by evil Lieutenant Ryker and his deserter legionaries, as well as El Hallem - a dangerous and infamous bandit of the desert, and the Khalif of Timbuktu who also wants the treasure of the mountain for himself. While Khalif orders his guards to find and capture Jordan, Philip, Jordan's son, travels from London to Morocco looking for his father who is in search of the location of the Talking Mountain, attracted by the mystery that it hides.

Secret of the Sahara - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: None

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1988-01-03

Secret of the Sahara - The Secret of the Sahara - Netflix

The Secret of the Sahara is an Italian television miniseries directed by Alberto Negrin and broadcast in 1988 in four episodes of approximately 90 minutes each. Produced by RAI, ZDF, TVE e TF1, a condensed version was later shown in cinemas. It takes its main inspiration from the books of Emilio Salgari with some elements from Pierre Benoît's Atlantis.

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