On Second Chance, three contestants competed on this ABC game show. Two rounds were played per game. The first half of a round had 3 questions. The players would write down their answer. Then the host tells the multiple choice answers. The contestant could either stick with the original anwer or take a second chance. Getting it right the first time was 3 spins, using a second chance, 1 spin. Up to 9 spins could be won. The second half of a round had the contestants take their spins on a giant board with flashing lights. By turn, the contestant pushes the plunger down to stop the flashing lights hoping to win money or prizes. But there are squares that contain "Devils". Hit the Devil & you lose your winnings. 4 Devils puts you out of the game.

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Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1977-03-07

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“Second Chance” is a song by American rock band Shinedown and the second single from their 2008 album, The Sound of Madness; however, the song is not included on the UK release of the album. It was released on September 9, 2008 and has become Shinedown's most successful single. The song has been used in promotion for the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the 2008 WWE Tribute to the Troops show. In May 2009, “Second Chance” was used in a promo regarding the return of character Michael Corinthos on ABC's daytime drama General Hospital. It was released on DLC as part of a 3-song pack on Guitar Hero 5, as DLC for Rock Band 3 and Rocksmith. “Second Chance”, along with Taylor Swift's “Love Story”, was one of two number one songs played by Casey Kasem on the last weekend of his radio career. “Second Chance” was the final #1 on Kasem's American Top 20, his hot adult contemporary countdown show that aired its finale on July 4/5, 2009. (“Love Story” held that distinction on its sister program, the adult contemporary American Top 10.) Three versions of the song exist – a rock version, which is the album version, a pop version (notably played on Sirius XM Radio's Adult Top 40-formatted The Pulse satellite radio channel), which is a remix, although the harder guitars start in the second verse in the song rather than at the second half of the first verse, and an acoustic version, which is very similar to the original, with the exception of the absence of the electric guitar and vocal layering in the original.

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