ESPN's award-winning Content Development unit will create four one-hour documentaries highlighting the traditions, rivalries and unique stories of the Southeastern Conference. The SEC Storied series debuted on ESPNU Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. ET with Herschel, about former University of Georgia and pro football standout, Herschel Walker. ESPNU will televise four SEC Storied documentaries per year. The series' second film highlighting the first SEC football championship game aired in December. All of the films will re-air on ESPN or ESPN2. John Dahl, executive producer, ESPN Content Development, said, "We pride ourselves on our dedication to storytelling. The SEC's rich, layered history certainly lends itself to a series of this kind.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-07

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Booches is a bar, restaurant and pool hall at 110 S. 9th Street in downtown Columbia, Missouri that was established in 1884. It is the oldest pool hall in Columbia and is known for its hamburgers. It is located near the University of Missouri, and has traditionally been frequented by college students.

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Booches was established in 1884, has had six locations in downtown Columbia, and has been at its present location on Ninth Street since 1928. It is the oldest pool hall in Columbia, and has full-sized pool tables, snooker tables, and one billiard table (no pockets) for three cushion billiards play. Booches is known for its hamburgers, which are served on wax paper, and a 2000 report in USA Today listed it as one among the best 25 burger restaurants in the United States. In 2005, Jerry Shriver of USA Today included Booches' hamburger on the list of top 25 dishes from his “Down-home Dining” project. Booches is likely named after its founder, Paul Blucher “Booch” Venable, who was nicknamed “Booch” as a child by writer Eugene Field. The restaurant has gone through many owners in its time and was a male-only establishment until the 1970s. During the times of racial segregation in the United States, the establishment would not serve African Americans. During the mid to late 1970s, the then-owners of Booches's edited and published four issues of the Review la Booche, a nationally-published literary journal featuring poetry, prose, sketches and photographs by contributors of such prominence as John Ciardi, William Stafford, Elton Glaser, Frank Stack and Richard Eberhart, along with local and regional contributors. The review was revived in 1990 for a fifth and final issue. It is located in close proximity to the University of Missouri, and it has traditionally been a haven for University of Missouri and St. Louis Cardinals sports fans. The establishment has a considerably more family-friendly atmosphere compared to its rougher atmosphere in past times. It has been described by some in contemporary times as a dive bar and a melting pot. Booches was inducted into the Boone County Hall of Fame at the Walters Boone County Historical Museum in 2016.

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