Scalped is a drama based on the Vertigo Comics title, which focuses on the Oglala Lakota inhabitants in the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in South Dakota as they grapple with organized crime, poverty, drug and alcohol addiction and local politics while trying to preserve their cultural identity.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Scalped - Blake Leibel - Netflix

Blake Leibel (born 8 May 1981) is a Canadian convicted murderer, comic book creator, graphic novelist, screenwriter, and fledgling Hollywood animated film director who has been residing in Los Angeles, California, since 2004. In June 2018, Leibel was convicted of first-degree murder of his fiancé, Iana Kasian.

Scalped - Background - Netflix

Blake Leibel was born to two notable Canadian families. His father is of Jewish descent and is a prominent Toronto real estate mogul and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductee Lorne Leibel, who had sailed for Canada in the 1976 Summer Olympics. His mother was Alros Products heiress Eleanor Chitel Leibel, whose father, Paul Chitel, held several patents. A 2001 lawsuit filed by the maternal grandmother of Blake Leibel, Leona Chitel, against the Bank of Montreal states that she had suffered acute bipolar disorder during the 1980s.

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