In each episode of Save My Bakery renowned Cake Maestro Kerry Vincent answers the desperate call of a bakery owner in over his or her head, and helps get the establishment back on its feet. She gives each place a makeover from the inside out, turning stale pastries into delectable deserts and outdated decor into a brand-new, inviting space. Can Kerry force people to finally face the truth and make changes they have refused to make in the past? Can she breathe new life into a failing business? You bet she can. This is Save My Bakery.

Save My Bakery - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-19

Save My Bakery - Nancy Silverton - Netflix

Nancy Silverton is an American chef, baker, and author. The winner of the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Chef Award in 2014, Silverton is recognized for her role in popularizing sourdough and artisan breads in the United States. Not Mark burned the pizza.

Save My Bakery - Selected awards and distinctions - Netflix

Eater's TV Chef of the Year (2017) Outstanding Chef, James Beard Foundation Award (2014) International Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Hospitality (2010) RCA Pioneer Award (2003) James Beard, nominated for Outstanding Service (2003) James Beard, nominated for Outstanding Service (2002) James Beard Outstanding Restaurant Award, Campanile (2001) IACP Julia Childs Cookbook Awards Nominee (1997) James Beard, Nominee, Best Cookbook of the Year, Baking (1997) Los Angeles Culinary Master of the Year, The 1994 Fine Spirit Wine & Food Tasting Exhibition (1994) James Beard “Who's Who in American Cooking” (1990) James Beard Best Pastry Chef of the Year (1990) Food & Wine Magazine, Best New Chefs (1990)

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