Salatut elämät (Secret Lives) is a long-running Finnish soap opera that follows the daily lives of the people living in the same apartment complex in Finland's capital Helsinki.

Salatut Elämät - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Finnish

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-01-25

Salatut Elämät - Elias Vikstedt - Netflix

Elias Vikstedt (February 10, 1996 – May 10, 2016; on television November 7, 2016) was a fictional character on the television series Salatut elämät. In 2010 young Elias was played by Niilo Heinonen, but the character later returned to the series grown up and was replaced by Petteri Paavola. Elias is gay and the character has become popular with his on-off boyfriend Lari, creating a phenomenon known as “Larias”. Their story has been translated into many languages and the couple have many fans around the world. Elias leaves the series in spring 2015, but comes back in autumn in the same year. Elias is run over by Marianna and dies of injuries in the episode aired on November 7, 2016. In the episode aired on March 17, 2017, Elias appears in Marianna's hallucinations and in Lari's dream.

Salatut Elämät - Lari Väänänen - Netflix

When Lari kisses him Elias realises that Lari is gay as well. Elias soon develops feelings for Lari. Eventually Elias and Lari end up in bed. Though Lari is distressed and avoids Elias at the beginning, it soon becomes clear that the two cannot be separated. Lari gets angry at Elias when he finds out that Elias has told Tale about their kiss. Elias gets a concussion while he is trying to make up with Lari in the ice hall. Concerned, Lari finally has to admit to Elias that he cares about him. Lari leaves Iida and starts a relationship with Elias. Their affair does not remain secret for long, and the friendship between Elias and Iida breaks up when Iida realises that Lari has betrayed her with Elias. Lari's and Elias' affair has a temporary break as well when Lari decides to focus on ice hockey and to go to the training camp in Canada. Lari's homosexuality is revealed to the whole school and Lari, after having been beaten up, has to stop playing ice hockey. In the end Elias comforts Lari, and the two get back together and try to have a more public relationship. However, Elias starts to become anxious because of Lari, who does not dare to be himself in public or to show affection for him publicly. Eventually Lari tells his father Ilkka about his homosexuality, whose strict attitude forces Lari to escape and to live with Elias. Ilkka does not give up easily, but does everything to keep Lari away from Elias. Eventually Lari gives in to his father and goes to a sexual recuperation camp, and Elias no longer stays in the difficult relationship. Elias ends up cheating on Lari with Miska Koistinen, which Lari soon finds out. The two try to make up and Lari leaves his father, but Elias decides to move on with his life. Elias and Lari have continued the relationship for years until Elias' death.

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