Saints & Sinners is a modern-day Romeo-and-Juliet story revolves around two Miami Beach families - the Capshaws and the Martins - who are plagued by a long, bitter rivalry. Julia Capshaw falls is in love with Roman Martin, the man accused of killing her father. They find themselves caught between their feuding hotel-owner families, who will stop at nothing to succeed. Meanwhile, a handsome stranger who works for the DEA poses as a priest Marcus Pitt. But a darker force is at work. A powerful drug-running kingpin nicknamed "The Guerrero", has not only murdered Julia Capshaw's father Howard, but is on the loose and killing more people every day. The climax of the series features Julia and Roman finally reuniting just in time to unmask the Guerrero, who turns out to be Roman's mother, Diana Martin.

Saints & Sinners - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-03-14

Saints & Sinners - Saints & Sinners (heavy metal band) - Netflix

Saints & Sinners was a short-lived Canadian glam metal band from Montreal, Quebec.

Saints & Sinners - Band members - Netflix

Rick Hughes - Vocals Jeff Salem - Drums Angelo “Ange” Curcio - Drums Stephane Dufour - Guitar, backing vocals Martin “Marty” Bolduc - Bass, backing vocals Jesse Bradman - Keyboards, backing vocals

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