The earth is being overrun by Alien invaders and, while on a mission to stop the invaders, an assigned Attendant is injured. He seeks the help of a human named Sadamitsu. Sadamitsu makes it his mission to rid the world of the invaders, to prevent the coming of the ultimate enforcer, the Vulture. The problem is the Vulture is already here, and buried in Sadamitsu's past is the reason the Vulture hasn't already destroyed the Earth.

Sadamitsu the Destroyer - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2001-01-17

Sadamitsu the Destroyer - Sadamitsu the Destroyer - Netflix

Sadamitsu the Destroyer (破壊魔定光, Hakaima Sadamitsu) is a manga series by Masahiko Nakahira. It was adapted into a 10 episode animated series.

Sadamitsu the Destroyer - Plot - Netflix

The story stars Tsubaki Sadamitsu, a young delinquent and leader of the Corpse Gang, who after a chance encounter with an alien robot is forced to take up the task of capturing intergalactic criminals named Ryūkei-dai (流刑台, lit. “Exiled One”). His job is made harder with the appearance of the Vulture, a last-ditch effort to keep the Ryūkei-dai under control. An English adaptation of the anime was released in North America by Media Blasters in 2003.

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