"Ruta 35" or Ruta 35, la válvula de escape (English: Route 35, the Escape Route), is a Spanish-language television series produced by Venevisión International Productions and Univision Studios, and distributed by Cisneros Media Distribution. The series consists of a one season and 65 episodes. Its release is planned in the United States by UniMás. The plot revolves around Dylan Wilkins, a federal agent. Narrating the story in first person, Wilkins presents a kaleidoscope of men and women who make the crucial decision to collaborate with the law to avoid a legal process or reduce their criminal charges.

From a 75-year-old grandmother who fell into the trap of transporting drugs for a companion work. Until a software engineer whose close ties to a Mexican cartel give unparalleled access. Since the informant "professional" carrying many years living a dangerous double life. Until the premium of a ruthless kingpin, thirsting for reward offering on his head. These "snitches" risk their lives day after day in a dark and difficult, mission driven by diverse personal reasons such as fear, greed, revenge, and even love.

Ruta 35 - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-12

Ruta 35 - Cosita linda - Netflix

Cosita linda is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Carlos Sotomayor and Peter Tinoco, and adapted by Nora Castillo for Venevisión and Univisión. It is distributed internationally by Venevisión International and Cisneros Media Distribution. It is a remake of the telenovela Cosita rica created in 2003 by Leonardo Padrón. The series stars Christian Meier as Diego, Pedro Moreno as Olegario, Zuleyka Rivera as Viviana, Carolina Tejera as Tiffany, Ana Lorena Sánchez as Ana Lorena, Scarlet Gruber as Maria José and Mariana and Adrián Di Monte as Santiago.

Ruta 35 - Recurring - Netflix

Alma Delfina as Doña Santa Anna Silvetti as Consuelo Pérez Alfredo Huereca as Don Lupe Rincón Alberto Salaberry as Vicente Durán Cristina Bernal as Palmira Arroyo Mariet Rodríguez as Laura Ana Sobero as Prudencia Vargas Norma Zúñiga as Ramona Liliana Rodriguez as Camila “La Chata” Xavier Coronel as Raúl Yáñez Mijail Mulkay as Lisandro Gómez Franklin Virguez as Darío Núñez Sandra Itzel as Maya Emeraude Toubia as Dulce Rincón Patricio Gallardo as Nicolás Ana Belén Lander as Deborah “Debbie” Durán Gisella Aboumrad as Carmela Juan Carlos Flores as El Pelón Tali Duclaud as Romina Danilo Carrera as Federico “Fede” Madariaga Jason Canela as José Carlos Merina “El Cacho”

Ruta 35 - References - Netflix