The creators of 'Spitting Image' present a comic strip (as in a collection of short and rude funny papers) on television. Presented by four rubber animals living in the London Sewer, namely Doc Croc (who had the ability to use his tail as an extra appendage) and his three ratty underlings: Vaudeville Vince Vermin, Jemimah Wellington-Green and Luchetti Bruchetti (birth name: Lou Brush). Every week they would unleash a cavalcade of puns (mostly revolving in and around the toilet) during their framework sequence, but the real highlight of the show were crudely animated cartoons and one slightly more impressive stop motion serial from 'Incredibly Cheap Productions' in association with 'We Could Use This Set For Something Else DLC' Some of the recurring 'comics' included the `Odd Bot Family', `Kenny McTickle and his magic Kilt', `Tommy's Time Trousers' and of course `Wooly the Wonder Sheep.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 1988-04-05

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Round the Bend is a 1951 novel by Nevil Shute. It tells the story of Constantine “Connie” Shaklin, an aircraft engineer who founds a new religion transcending existing religions based on the merit of good work. It deals with racism, including the White Australia policy, and also with the importance of private enterprise. It was one of the first novels Shute wrote after emigrating from Britain to Australia in 1950.

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Parallels are drawn to the lives of Christ, Mohammed, and Buddha. For example, when the authorities ask questions about Shaklin's possible divinity, Cutter, three times denies it: parallels to Simon Peter's three denials of Christ. When Shaklin rejects a large sum of money, Gujar Singh, a Sikh pilot with Cutter, says that Shaklin stood against the last temptation — the temptation of receiving power to do good. Romantic love and sexual attraction are seen as ties to the ordinary world; Shaklin is never tempted, and his sister rejects them to uphold his memory. All races are equal. Cutter credits the success of his business on his policy of exclusively hiring Asians, and paying them fairly, but less than Europeans; he also defends them from racist abuse.

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