A human starship crew crash lands on a planet and divides between two sides of a war fought by two camps of giant robots.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 6 minutes

Premier: None

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Robotix is an annual robotics and programming event that is organised by the Technology Robotix Society at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur). It is held during Kshitij, the institute's annual techno-management festival. Participation is open to college students. The event gives contestants an opportunity to showcase their talents in the fields of mechanical robotics, autonomous robotics and programming.

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Robotix 2007 was held from 1–4 February 2007. It featured the following events: Rail Track Inspector: The automated robot follows two parallel white lines, 5 cm apart, on a black blackground, and reports any errors it encounters. The errors were of two types. First, it reports when the distance between the lines is different from their specified gap. Second, it reports if either of the white lines are discontinuous. The errors must be classified separately. Grid Navigator: The autonomous robots move in an 8-foot square maze and detect the positions of obstacles placed in the maze without dislocating them. The maze is in the form of a two dimensional numbered grid. Squares are marked with white lines on a black background. The robot starts in one corner of the maze and exits on the diagonally-opposite corner after identifying all the obstacles. The robot is free to roam in the grid in any given way. Mission Mars: A repeat of the previous year's event. In this programming/online event, the participants write code to control robot ants on a simulated Martian surface, so that it can cover the maximum area in a given time. Multiple instances of the same program were run at the same time, with each instance able to communicate with the others to prevent collisions which would render both robots extinct. The participants were allowed to code in C, C++ or Java. Jigsaw: In this programming/online event, the participants write code to solve a jumbled up picture. The picture is broken into fragments and is scrambled by using a program. Only the top left corner of the jumbled picture is the same as the original picture. The participants code in either C or C++. Load runner: The manually controlled robot uses a hooking mechanism to attach freights and link them together to form a train. It then has to act as the engine of the same train and pull it to its destination. Use of magnetic material to attach to the freights is prohibited. Step climber: The manually controlled robot climbs up and down a flight of stairs. The height of the steps varies.

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