In this continuation of the movie franchise, Alex Murphy is RoboCop, a deceased cop brought back to life through cybernetic technology. Now he fights crime on the streets of Detroit and deals with the machinations of OCP, the company that "created" him.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1994-03-18

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RoboCop is an American superhero cyberpunk media franchise featuring the futuristic adventures of Alex Murphy, a Detroit, Michigan police officer, who is mortally wounded in the line of duty and transformed into a powerful cyborg, brand-named Robocop, at the behest of a powerful mega-corporation, Omni Consumer Products. Thus equipped, Murphy battles both violent crime in a severely decayed city and the blatantly corrupt machinations within OCP. The franchise began in 1987 with the film RoboCop. RoboCop 2 followed in 1990, and RoboCop 3 in 1993. There have also been various television series, video game and comic book tie-ins. The franchise has made over US$100 million worldwide and a fourth installment, a remake serving as a reboot titled RoboCop, was released in February 2014.

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Various publishers have released RoboCop comic books: RoboCop (Marvel Comics, 1990–1992) – 23 issues, plus adaptations of the first two films. RoboCop versus The Terminator (Dark Horse Comics, 1992) which was also a video game and almost a film. RoboCop (Dark Horse Comics, 1992–1994), 13 issues; consisted of three mini-series (four issues each), plus adaptation of RoboCop 3 RoboCop (Avatar Press, 2003–2006) – 11 issues; consisted of a nine-issue series and two one-shot comics. RoboCop (Dynamite Entertainment, 2009–2013) – 14 issues; consisted of a six-issue series and two four-issue series. RoboCop (Boom! Studios, 2013–) – 34 issues as of February 2016, including a reprint of Avatar's nine-issue series.

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