Richard Hammond presents a geological journey to the bottom of the ocean and the centre of the Earth, revealing how the inner workings of the planet affect life on the surface.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-07-19

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Top Gear: Botswana Special is a full-length, special edition episode for BBC motoring programme Top Gear, and was first broadcast on BBC Two on 4 November 2007, as part of the fourth episode of Series 10. The special sees hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, travelling across to Botswana with a car that each had bought in Africa for less than £1500, to prove that they can be better than SUVs for driving up “leafy country lanes”. The Botswana Special was released as part of a 2-disc DVD boxset alongside the Top Gear: Vietnam Special on 23 March 2009.

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The following morning, the presenters were told that their cars would now proceed towards the Okavango Delta, which they would be crossing through for the next three days en route to the finish line at a border crossing with Namibia. To prepare for the journey, both Clarkson and May had to animal-proof their cars from various materials they could find, with a spare boot lid and rear door found for the Mercedes during the work before it was outfitted with corrugated metal doors, while Clarkson outfitted his Lancia with a wooden gull-wing door, a loudspeaker and handset system and sealed the other door with the drink cans used on the trip at that point. Whilst modifying the cars, Clarkson and Hammond also put a cow bell on the underside of May's car, planted a cow's head in the boot, and stuffed raw meat in various hiding places within the car; behind the scenes, the pair were told off by a local guide for endangering themselves, May and the film crew from an animal attack by attempting this practical joke, after the raw meat was found by them. With the cars modified, the trio began making for the Delta and immediately hit a sandy, dirt trail upon entering the Delta's game reserve, whereupon the Lancia suffered further problems when the throttle jammed open and would not brake properly as a result. Despite this, the trio ended their day by taking a moment to observe a number of animals at a watering hole, before camping for the night with James servicing his Mercedes and a bush mechanic clearing out sand from one of the Lancia's carburettors. The next day, after Hammond had to fix the Opel's steering after the underside of the car hit a tough tree root on the road, the group found themselves encountering a river that they had to cross over. While Hammond opted to find a crossing point further along the banks, his colleague chose to wade across where they were; one idea the trio had for getting across, which was not shown in the TV broadcast, was to wrap the cars in some tarpaulin, inflated it with air, and then float them across the river, but this was abandoned after the group spent three and a half hours trying it. While Clarkson and May were successful in getting across despite nearly getting stuck and having their local guide shoot holes in the floors of their car to drain water that had gotten in, Hammond's attempt to ford the river at a proper crossing point, led to the Opel sinking into the water and stalling, requiring him to get it towed out. Due to the water damage it had received, Hammond was forced to spend the second night fixing his car's engine and electrics with the aid of the bush mechanics from the support team, while the others went ahead to make camp. In the morning, much to his colleagues' surprise, the Opel returned to working condition, with a further bonus being that the horn, which had been rubbish, had been fixed. Heading off for the final push towards the road to the border crossing, the trio managed to make it across the Delta, but by now, new problems emerged - Hammond's Opel wouldn't properly brake unless he de-clutched and used the handbrake, while the Lancia was now veering off to the right and could not be corrected.

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