Rent-a-Goalie revolves around the exploits of Cake (Christopher Bolton), a hockey-mad, recovered-from-everything go-to guy, who runs a rag-tag hockey goalie rental service out of Cafe Primo, a family-owned coffee shop in Toronto's Little Italy. Here, at this crazy crossroads of hockey culture and coffee culture, Cake has finally found a home. He spends his time juggling friends and enemies, the ridiculous and the profound, while always trying to live by The Code – an ever evolving set of personal ethics, spiritual maxims and athletic credos that keep him on the straight and narrow.

Rent-a-Goalie - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-10-01

Rent-a-Goalie - Ashley Newbrough - Netflix

Ashley Newbrough (born October 13, 1987) is an American-Canadian film and television actress.

Rent-a-Goalie - Early life and background - Netflix

Ashley Newbrough, born in Newport, Rhode Island to a Canadian mother and American father, moved to Canada at age 3 and grew up in Cambridge, Ontario. She began her career at the age of ten, appearing in a number of commercials worldwide. She landed her first starring role on the Fox Family Channel series, The Zack Files, playing Alice In Wonderland, alongside Robert Clark, Michael Seater and Jake Epstein. Newbrough then landed roles in television movies, including a minor one in family film Get a Clue starring Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song.

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