Reality Show is a darkly satirical, miniseries, it follows Mickey Wagner, a down on his luck reality show producer, as he crafts a sensational comeback. Fed up with how staged and phony reality shows are, Mickey's hatches a revolutionary idea to pick an average American family and put them under all-encompassing surveillance...without the family's knowledge. The concept is to let real life unfold before the cameras. However, the family is numbingly boring. And the studio wants more sizzle. So Mickey starts to introduce drama into the unwitting family's lives. Temptation to cheat, drinking, work problems.... chaos ensues. Everything unravels in a big, big way with shocking consequences.

Reality Show - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-11-01

Reality Show - The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show - Netflix

“The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show” is a second-season episode of the Adult Swim animated television series The Boondocks.

Reality Show - Airing and BET - Netflix

This show and its preceding episode (“The Hunger Strike”) were not (initially as both have been seen) aired on Adult Swim. A Cartoon Network representative stated that BET had not contacted Cartoon Network regarding the episodes. Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series, has not issued a statement on the matter. The episodes are said to specifically attack Reggie Hudlin, BET's president of entertainment, and Debra L. Lee, president and chief executive officer of BET Holdings (parent company of BET.) Lee is portrayed as Deborah Leevil, a parody of the character Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, and Hudlin is portrayed as Wedgie Rudlin, a “culturally insensitive buffoon coasting on his Ivy League education.” In this episode, Leevil is portrayed to be much like Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movies, by placing her finger near her mouth when excited or emphasizing a statement or using the word “evil.” Leevil also speaks in much the same way as Doctor Evil. It is noted that Hudlin was responsible for producing The Boondocks with McGruder before serving as president of BET from 2005 to 2008, effectively ending the partnership between the two. McGruder is known to be very critical of the television network's work and programming.

Reality Show - References - Netflix