Plastic surgeon Dr. Sydney Hansen returns to her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, to attend her pregnant sister Joanie's wedding, but realizes that her emotionally distant veterinarian father, her rascal of a baby brother and her high maintenance sister need her more than her glitzy Beverly Hills patients. In Providence, Sydney finds work in a low-income medical clinic.

Providence - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1999-01-08

Providence - Patriarca crime family - Netflix

The Patriarca crime family (pronounced [paˈtrjarka]) is also known as the New England crime family, the Providence crime family, the Boston crime family, the Boston Mafia, the Providence Mafia, the New England Mafia, or The Office and is an Italian-American Mafia crime family based in New England. The crime family has two distinct factions, one active in Providence, Rhode Island and the other in Boston, Massachusetts. The family is currently led by Carmen Dinunzio in the Boston faction and by Matthew Guglielmetti in the Providence faction.

Providence - Current position - Netflix

Following the death of syndicate boss Peter Limone, Carmen “The Big Cheese” Dinunzio, the former acting boss, has allegedly taken the spot of official boss, continuing to run the family from the North End of Boston. With syndicate consigliere Anthony “Ponytail Tony” Parillo just starting a five-year prison term for felony assault, it is said that Matthew Guglielmetti undisputedly runs the Providence faction of the family and has been in regular contact with both the Philadelphia and Decavalcante Crime Families. Some sources in law enforcement believe that imprisoned Providence-based wiseguy, Anthony “Ponytail Tony” Parilo is actually poised to become the official boss upon his release & that Guglielmetti & Carmen Dinunzio are just acting street bosses in their respective factions. Anthony “The Little Cheese” Dinunzio, the one-time acting boss and younger brother of Carmen, was recently released from prison to a halfway house following a 5+ year prison stint after taking control of Luigi Manocchio's scheme to shake down Rhode Island strip clubs. Law enforcement believes that with the Dinunzio crew now run sufficiently by Greg Costa, Anthony Dinunzio will act as Carmen's number 2 in Boston. With Dinunzio, Pryce Quintina, and Spucky Spagnolo all back on the streets alongside seasoned North Shore based Captain Freddie Simone, the family's Boston faction looks to be in pretty good shape from a leadership perspective heading into 2018. Rhode Island on the other hand has lost significant leadership players in recent years. Dangerous Captains Anthony St. Laurent & Frank “BoBo” Marappesse as well as longtime Acorn Social Club Crew soldier, Alfred “Chippy” Scivola have all passed away in recent months. Luigi Manocchio & Billy “BlackJack” DelSanto are both, for the most part, retired, & appear to be avoiding anything that could get them jammed up with the law again. Convicted murderer, Anthony “Ponytail Tony” Parillo & high ranking Captain, Eddie Lato all have a substantial amount of time left in their respective prison terms (with Lato most likely getting additional time for the 1992 Kevin Harahan hit), leaving Matthew Guglielmetti, Joseph Achille, and newly appointed Captain Joseph Ruggiero in the top positions to help rebound the Rhode Island faction of the family.

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