Three-part series about life in the pop spotlight.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-02-25

Pop Life - Pop Life (Prince song) - Netflix

“Pop Life” is a song by Prince and The Revolution. It was the second US (and final UK) single from their 1985 album, Around the World in a Day, reaching number 7 in the US charts, becoming Prince's eighth top-ten hit in a two-year span.

Pop Life - Sampling - Netflix

The first artist to sample “Pop Life” was Black, Rock and Ron with their song “Rap Life” from their 1989 release Stop the World. Big Daddy Kane sampled this tune in his 1991 single “The Lover in You”. G-Unit used elements from “Pop Life” for the song “Coke Life” for their mixtape “Sabrina's Baby Boy (G-Unit Radio Part 25)”. 2Pac sampled “Pop Life” on the unreleased song “Pac's Life”, a remix of which was later released with a complete different beat in 2006 on Pac's Life. Ja Rule sampled it for his song “Thug Life”. It was originally planned to be on his album The Last Temptation, but did not make it due to Prince's disapproval. Life Without Buildings recorded a cover of the song for the 2001 various artists compilation Homesleep Home2 - Cover Songs. Neon Indian recorded a tribute cover for Pitchfork Media in 2016.

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