This show follows the Norwegian Police on duty.

Politiet - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2004-09-09

Politiet - Police of Denmark - Netflix

The police of Denmark (Danish: Politiet) is the interior part of the Danish legitimate force providers (the Danish military being the exterior). The police are empowered to enforce the law and to effect public and social order, as well as being responsible for border control.

Politiet - Uniform - Netflix

The common uniform is a light blue shirt with the police insignia on the sleeve. Usually a tie is also worn. Rank-insignia is worn on the shoulders. The pants are dark blue with reflective patches. Black shoes are also included in the standard uniform. Special tactical suits are made of flame-resistant materials and are worn in situations requiring such equipment. The tactical suit also includes a protected helmet.

Politiet - References - Netflix