Police Woman revolved around Sgt. "Pepper" Anderson, an undercover police officer working for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the LAPD. Sergeant William "Bill" Crowley was her immediate superior, and Pete Royster and Joe Styles were the other half of the undercover team that investigated everything from murders to rape and drug crimes. In many episodes, Pepper went undercover (as a prostitute, nurse, teacher, flight attendant, prison inmate, dancer, waitress, etc.) in order to get close enough to the suspects to gain valuable information that would lead to their arrest.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1974-09-13

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Police Woman (Chinese: 女警察, released in the United States as Rumble in Hong Kong) is a 1973 Hong Kong crime film written, produced and directed by Hdeng Tsu, who also co-stars in the film. The film stars Lin Chiu, Charlie Chin and Jackie Chan. The film is also known as Young Tiger. It is one of only two films in which Jackie Chan played as a villain (the other being Killer Meteors). The film was released in Hong Kong on 26 April 1973.

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Lin Chiu as Inspector Ho Wai-ma Charlie Chin as Chin Chen Jackie Chan as Mole Face Gang Leader Chin Hu as Ho Mei-fong Hdeng Tsu as Car Bomb Victim Fung Yi as Inspector Fung Helena Law as Taxi Dispatcher Cheung Ng-long as Thug Mang Ding-goh as Thug Ho Gwong-ming as Thug Yeh Tien-hsing as Thug Li Wen-tai as Yuen Tai-heng Betty Pei Ti as Sao Mei Chiang Nan as Boss Go Yeung as Taxi Company Owner Michelle Yim as Girl harassed in park Yuen Cheung-yan as Extra / Stunt Chan Keung

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