A brand new series charting another icy adventure for intrepid zoologist Nigel Marven as he explores the wildlife of Canada's spectacular High Arctic. From spring through to autumn, Nigel's expedition takes him from the icy wastes of the far north, across near-endless tundra to the vast boreal forest in the south. The five-part series follows the fortunes of a range of animals as they attempt to triumph in the face of extreme conditions. From polar bear cubs fresh out of their birthing den, to an Arctic wolf's breathtaking attack on a herd of musk oxen, the series shows northern nature at its rawest. While polar bears are the main stars of the show, other animals featured include Arctic foxes, beluga whales, great gray owls, harp seals and moose.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-12-17

Polar Bear Week with Nigel Marven - Nigel Marven - Netflix

Nigel Marven (born 27 November 1960) is a British wildlife TV presenter, television producer, author and birdwatcher. He ran the 2008 London marathon in 4 hours 3 minutes to try to raise £20,000 for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society UK.

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Marven was bitten by a venomous green pit viper in East Malaysian state Sabah in the summer 2014 during filming the first episode of the show called Eating Wild. The snake bit him on the thumb but did not inject too much venom, so Marven spent 6 hours in the hospital, until he had recovered. He has also had a few other very dangerous encounters with venomous snakes. While he was producing the BBC film The Serpent's Embrace in 1980s, a spitting cobra sprayed its venom into his eyes. He spent 2–3 days in hospital, though luckily the venom did not enter his blood. A similar encounter happened in December 2008 while Marven was making a short film about black-necked spitting cobras for Webosaurs. Though he wore a mask, the cobra venom landed in Marven's hair, then mixed with sweat and ran into his eyes, so he stopped the filming until next morning. In his 2008 series Jaguar Adventure he was bitten by a mildly toxic venomous false water cobra. His hand swelled up within ten minutes, but there were no other harmful effects. In his 2004 nature documentary Bull Shark: World's Deadliest Shark Nigel Marven was in Bahamas and stood with shark expert Erich Ritter in the water surrounded by sharks. During the filming, a bull shark attacked Ritter's leg and gave him a 30 centimetre bite to his calf. Marven still recalls it as one of the most dangerous moments in his career. In 2005, while filming the Indian rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park, Marven and his crew unknowingly got too close to a female rhino with a small calf; the mother rhino charged at them, but since they were riding in a truck, they were able to outdistance her. Marven later said that this experience was the most exciting moment in his entire film-making career. In the third episode of 2012 series Wild Colombia Marven was bitten by a non-venomous Central American tree boa on his nose, causing blood to cover his face. A similar encounter happened in his 2013 show Ten Deadliest Snakes: China with a king ratsnake.

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