A comedy series based on the film "Parenthood", centering on the characters and conflicts of an extended family of four diverse households and generations.

Parenthood - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1990-08-20

Parenthood - Planned Parenthood 2015 undercover videos controversy - Netflix

In 2015, an anti-abortion organization named the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released several videos that had been secretly recorded. Members of the CMP posed as representatives of a biotechnology company in order to gain access to both meetings with abortion providers and abortion facilities. The videos showed how abortion providers made fetal tissue available to researchers, although no problems were found with the legality of the process. All of the videos were found to be altered, according to analysis by Fusion GPS and its co-founder Glenn R. Simpson, a former investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal. The CMP disputed this finding, attributed the alterations to the editing out of “bathroom breaks and waiting periods”. CMP continues to allege that the videos provide evidence that abortion providers profit from the sale of donated tissue. The videos attracted widespread media coverage, and after the release of the first video, conservative Congressional lawmakers singled out Planned Parenthood and began to push bills that would strip the organization of federal family planning funding. No such attempts by Congress to cut federal family planning money from Planned Parenthood have become law. Conservative politicians in several states have also used this as an opportunity to cut or attempt to cut family planning funding at the state level. Officials in 12 states initiated investigations into claims made by the videos, but none found Planned Parenthood clinics to have sold tissue for profit as alleged by CMP and other anti-abortion groups. An investigation by the United States House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee found no evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. A select committee, the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood, was formed to further investigate Planned Parenthood. The Republican-controlled Select Investigative Panel released its final report on December 30, 2016, recommending that Planned Parenthood be de-funded. The report was heavily criticized as partisan and inaccurate by Democratic members of the committee, Planned Parenthood, and some news media. On January 25, 2016, a Texas grand jury indicted CMP founder David Daleiden and member Sandra Merritt while finding no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. The charges against Daleiden and Merritt in Texas were dismissed six months later. On March 28, 2017, Daleiden and Merritt were charged with 15 felonies in the State of California - one for each of the people whom they had filmed without consent, and one for criminal conspiracy to invade privacy. On June 21, 2017, all the invasion of privacy charges (but not that of conspiracy) were dismissed with leave to amend. Soon after, the State of California re-filed the charges, amended.

Parenthood - Alleged lack of consent from donors - Netflix

In the sixth video, Holly O'Donnell, a pro-life former StemExpress technician, says that she was told by her superiors to encourage women seeking abortions to sign the consent forms, and that even when women refused to sign the fetal organs and tissues were sometimes taken anyway. In the unedited first video, representatives claim the donations are only made with the patient's consent. StemExpress has “unequivocally” denied O'Donnell's allegation, stating that the video is “deceptively edited and falsely worded to suggest impropriety or illegality where none exists”. Eric Ferrero, vice president of communication for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, noted that O'Donnell “has never worked for Planned Parenthood”, and called her claims “false and outrageous”.

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