Pardon the Interruption is a sports television show that airs weekdays on various ESPN TV channels, TSN, ESPN America, XM, and Sirius satellite radio services, and as a downloadable podcast.

Pardon the Interruption - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-03

Pardon the Interruption - Highly Questionable - Netflix

Highly Questionable (stylized as ¿Highly Questionable?; abbreviated HQ) is a daily sports talk television program on ESPN. Created as a vehicle for Miami Herald sportswriter and ESPN contributor Dan Le Batard, who also hosts his own radio show for the network, the show premiered on September 12, 2011. It airs on weekdays at 4:30 PM Eastern and then repeats later at 5:30 on ESPN2 as well as throughout the night on ESPNews. From its premiere until May 10, 2013, the show bore Le Batard's name and was called Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable (DLHQ), and from its premiere until March 23, 2015 the show aired on ESPN2. The program is based in Le Batard's hometown of Miami, Florida, and produced via satellite in Washington, D.C.. It was created by the same people behind Pardon the Interruption (PTI), which Le Batard has appeared on multiple times as a substitute host. The show is hosted by Le Batard and his father Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard and emanates from a studio at the Clevelander Hotel in South Beach. Previously the show taped at a studio set in suburban Miami designed to resemble a stereotypical Miami kitchen. As a nod to the previous set, a bowl filled with plastic fruit is always on the table where the hosts sit.

Pardon the Interruption - Opening questions - Netflix

A series of viewer submitted questions begin the proceedings. Papi reads each of them from an Apple iPad in front of him, and Le Batard and Jones each take turns addressing the audience with their takes while Papi chimes in with a random non sequitur. Occasionally, Dan and Papi sometimes find questions humorous or ignorant enough in nature to the point where they are not worth answering, and just simply laugh instead. Once in awhile, Papi will say something completely ridiculous and potentially damaging; when he does this, a technical difficulty bumper will play for several seconds and Le Batard will prompt Papi to apologize. On certain Mondays, particularly during the National Football League regular season, the “Questions” segment will continue into the second segment.

Pardon the Interruption - References - Netflix