From producer of hit TV series 21 Jump Street, Renegade and North Shore comes this flashy cop series about an elite bycicle cop unit of the Santa Monica Police Department. From chasing down pick pockets and drug dealers to investigating homicides, these law enforcement officers are on patrol to keep the warm, sunny L.A. beaches safe, no matter the cost. Featuring a stellar, sexy cast of characters, their relationships sizzle as temptation and desire stir up conflicting personal and professional interests.

Pacific Blue - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1996-03-02

Pacific Blue - Indo-Pacific blue marlin - Netflix

The Indo-Pacific blue marlin (Makaira mazara) is a species of marlin belonging to the family Istiophoridae. In Hawaii, the fish is known as a'u. In the Pacific, blue marlin (then known as silver marlin or often misidentified as the related black marlin) were caught by author/angler Zane Grey in Tahiti in the 1930s.

Pacific Blue - Biology - Netflix

Spawning takes place during summer in both the Indian and Pacific oceans. In the southern hemisphere, spawning probably occurs around French Polynesia. Makaira mazara is a highly migratory species. These marlins use their bill for inflicting wounds on their prey.

Pacific Blue - References - Netflix