På hjul med Dag Otto - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-04-27

På hjul med Dag Otto - Seefood TV - Netflix

Seefood TV is a Norwegian production company for television and film. They produce for the Norwegian broadcasters TV2, TVNorge og NRK. They also produce commercial film. The company was founded in 2001 by Kristian Ødegård og Espen Eckbo and their first production was the reality parody Santas In A Barn. The company has produced several award winning and critically acclaimed comedy series for television.

På hjul med Dag Otto - Productions - Netflix

Santas In A Barn, comedy series TVNorge 2001 På klozz hold, comedy series TVNorge 2002 Tonight with Timothy Dahle, comedy talkshow TV2 2003 TV2-nøttene, comedy quiz TV2 2004-2008 Jul i Tøyengata, comedy drama TVNorge 2006 Best of Espen Eckbo, comedy show TV2 2007 Lille Nøtteaften, comedy show TV2 2006, 2007 og 2008 Det var en gang et eventyr, drama series NRK 2008 Three Through One, comedy drama TV2 2008 På hjul med Dag Otto, entertainment TV2 2010 Kolonihagen, entertainment TV2 2010 Påpp & Råkk, comedy drama NRK 2010

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