Odd One In is a comedy game show presented by Bradley Walsh. Peter Andre and Jason Manford go head to head with a different celebrity team each week to pick the person who has a unique skill or secret in a series of weird and wonderful line ups.

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2010-07-17

Odd One In - Odd One In - Netflix

Odd One In is a British comedy panel game show, broadcast on the ITV Network. It is hosted by Bradley Walsh. The regular Home Team are Peter Andre and Jason Manford, the Away Team are two guest celebrities who change each week.

Odd One In - Format - Netflix

Two teams take on a guessing game with a series of unusual, unlikely and often unbelievable line-ups. The celebrity teams have to work out who in each line up has the odd skill, talent or secret. The teams are allowed to ask questions to the lineup, to determine which of the number of available choices is the Odd One In. In the first series, playing along are a section of the audience who have keypads to record their results, after the penultimate lineup the top scoring audience member is chosen to compete for a £5,000 cash prize if they can spot the final Odd One In with the help of the two teams and the audience. For the second series the audience no longer has the keypads or play for the cash prize. The final round is replaced with the Familiar Faces round where a member of each of the previous rounds return for one last Odd One In.

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