The 10 episode half-hour comedy, Odd Mom Out, stars acclaimed author Jill Kargman playing a satirical version of herself as she navigates the treacherous and elite ecosystem of New York's Upper East Side, and the uber-wealthy mommy clique inhabiting this fantastically outrageous domain.

A New Yorker through and through, Jill Weber embraces her quirky and somewhat unconventional life with her loving husband, Andy Weber, three great kids, and a best friend who shares the same love for donuts and snarky retorts, Vanessa Wrigley. However, the posh and decadent world of Andy's classically blue-blooded family slowly takes over as Jill valiantly tries to resist all the delicious temptations and perks their wealth can afford. From accepting her in-laws' aristocratic, and perhaps cloudy, legacy to interviewing for a family burial plot at the most prestigious cemetery, Jill constantly battles staying true to herself while weighing the benefits of fitting in. Jill's frenemies and in-laws only fuel the pressure for her to conform, including the status-obsessed Weber family matriarch, Candace, brother-in-law Lex and his wife, Brooke, who reigns over a group of quintessential Upper East Side mombots with an iron credit card.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-08

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Odd Mom Out is an American comedy television series that premiered on June 8, 2015, on Bravo. Based on the novel Momzillas, Odd Mom Out was created by and stars Jill Kargman as a fictionalized version of herself named Jill Weber, who is forced to navigate the wealthy mommy clique that resides in New York’s prestigious Upper East Side neighborhood. Andy Buckley, KK Glick, Sean Kleier, Joanna Cassidy, and Abby Elliott also co-star in the series. On September 22, 2016, the network renewed Odd Mom Out for a 10-episode third season shortly after the second season concluded. As of September 13, 2017, a total of 30 episodes of Odd Mom Out have aired.

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