Each week a group of Paranormal Investigators joined by a Clairvoyant Medium investigate ghostly goings on in historic buildings of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-01-21

Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts - Stella Gibson - Netflix

DSI Stella Gibson is the main character in the British (BBC Two) and Irish (RTÉ One) crime drama television series The Fall, which is filmed and set in Northern Ireland. She is portrayed by Gillian Anderson.

Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts - Reception - Netflix

Amy Sullivan called The Fall “The Most Feminist Show on Television”, writing: “Refreshingly, none of the tropes we’ve been trained to expect in a story about a powerful woman play out. Nobody resents Gibson’s appearance on the scene or questions her authority. Her gender is a non-issue; subordinates hop to when she enters a room and they follow her commands without question. Gibson doesn't try to submerge her femininity and stomp around barking out orders. In Anderson's restrained yet compelling performance, Gibson is cool, calm, and always chic, with the most fabulous coat in detectivedom.” Gibson was ranked on Yahoo! list of “Greatest TV Characters Since Tony Soprano”. Ken Tucker wrote: “Steely and precise, priding herself on being in control, Detective Inspector [sic] Gibson is a brilliant investigator, logical yet willing to go with hunches as they occur to her. Like some of her male colleagues, she’s also made a few errors in judgment when it comes to interoffice involvements — one-night stands and trickier relationships as well. Dogged and obsessive, Gibson is as hard-boiled as any of her male counterparts in leading an investigation.”

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