The show focuses on the life of Norm Henderson, a former NHL hockey player who is banned for life from hockey due to gambling and tax evasion. In order to avoid jail time for these crimes, Norm must perform five years of community service as a full-time social worker.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-03-24

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In mathematics, a matrix norm is a vector norm in a vector space whose elements (vectors) are matrices (of given dimensions).

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σ                      max                          (        A        )              {\displaystyle \sigma {\max }(A)}   represents the largest singular value of matrix                     A              {\displaystyle A}  , and on the right hand side                     ‖        A                  ‖                                    F                                            {\displaystyle |A|}}   is the Frobenius norm. The equality holds if and only if the matrix                     A              {\displaystyle A}   is a rank-one matrix or a zero matrix.

‖        A                  ‖                      ∞                          =                  max                      1            ≤            i            ≤            m                                    ∑                      j            =            1                                n                                    |                          a                      i            j                                    |                ,              {\displaystyle |A|{\infty }=\max \sum {j=1}^{n}|a|,}  

where in left hand side

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