Czech legendary TV series about doctors, nurses and patients.

Nemocnice na kraji města - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Czech

Status: Ended

Runtime: 49 minutes

Premier: 1978-11-05

Nemocnice na kraji města - Lucie Vondráčková - Netflix

Lucie Plekancová Vondráčková [Pronounced as pleh-kuhn-tsaw-va: vawn-druh-cz-kaw-va:] (born 8 March 1980 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech popular singer and respected theatre and film actress. She has won a number of awards and is one of the most successful Czech singers. Lucie Vondráčková comes from a musical family. Her father Jiří Vondráček is a musician, while her mother, Hana Sorrosa Vondráčková, is a respected lyricist. She speaks five languages and has Ecuadorian roots via a maternal grandfather. Lucie attended primary school in Prague. She studied music and drama at the Prague Conservatory, and completed the course of Cultural studies, with a Master of Arts degree. She earned the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 2006 at Charles University in Prague. On 17 June 2011, she married Czech International hockey player Tomáš Plekanec who plays centre for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the National Hockey League. The couple has 2 sons, Matyáš (“Gift by God”) and Adam (“Earth”).

Nemocnice na kraji města - 2000s - Netflix

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