Marcio Valle (Rodrigo Veronese), is a presenter of the police program "Na Mira do Crime", which is the number one rated show in the country, the show helps in the arrest of criminals across the country. After being able to put two thugs in the prison, the rest of these thugs gang decide to avenge and kidnap Bianca (Gabi Lopes), the daughter of the journalist.\

During the kidnapping, Bianca ends up in a coma. Shaken by the incident, Valle decides to drop everything and become an outlaw himself in a quest for revenge.

Na Mira do Crime - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-15

Na Mira do Crime - Gabi Lopes - Netflix

Gabriela Lopes Gabriel (São Paulo, July 23, 1994) is a Brazilian actress and model. She got famous nationally after her role in the 22nd season of TV series Malhação, at Rede Globo.

Na Mira do Crime - Biography - Netflix

Gabi has been working as an actress for 15 years. She started in TV at age 8, in 2002, when she hosted the Children's Day Special at SBT alongside famous Brazilian TV hostess Hebe Camargo. Throughout her career she has acted in many TV series: Entre Teens, at MTV, Julie e Os Fantasmas at Rede Band and Nickelodeon, miniseries Queridos Amigos at Rede Globo, Segredos Médicos at Multishow, Na Mira do Crime at FOX, FX and TV Record, Casos de Ocorrência also at Multishow, with Rafinha Bastos, and the award winning series “Saidera” at Rede Globo, in the role of Carolina. She was cast in the 22nd season of Malhação Sonhos at Rede Globo, as the homossexual fighter Pri. She started her career in cinema when she was 12 years old, in the role of Maria, the blind protagonist of short film “Por um Sopro de Vida”. Soon after came the movies “Os Castelos Não São Eternos”, “Eu e Meu Guarda Chuva”, and “Casa dos Sonhos Esquecidos”. TV series “Na Mira do Crime” was also made into a TV movie, which was shown at FOX, FX and Rede Record. In 2016 she starred in two movies: “Vende-se Ilusões” and “Solteira Quase Surtando”. In 2017 it was time for “O Último Virgem”, a teenage comedy in which Gabi played the role of the most dashing girl in class. She was also Fabi in “Internet O Filme”, a big production of Paris Filmes for which more than 25 TV and web celebrities were cast. In that same year, Gabi got the main part for the first time in a feature film called “VIEW”, about a YouTuber who is kidnapped and held hostage. This movie landed her her first international award: First Glance Film Festival Los Angeles, as Best Actress. The film also won in the Best Movie category. Still in 2017, she was seen in “Amor Sem Fronteiras”, as Paula, the daughter of Joana (Luana Piovani) and Pedro (Paulo Tiefentaler), a coproduction of Brazil and Argentina which is scheduled to be released in 2018. She got her hair painted brunette for the role of Isis, in movie “Casa de Cléo”, a drama in which the character loses her mother.

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