Justice must prevail, the perpetrator be punished. But what about when the perpetrators escape accountability by people having more power. The film revolves around a murder that occurred at a party, where the rest of six friends. Eduardo Killed a young man Anna Beatrice. Witness murder became her friend Gabriela. Murder committed Maurice, son of a prominent politician, Senator John Carlos Vegosa. Needless to say, that Maurice was acquitted. Years passed, my friends had some success in life. Ademir conducting journalistic investigation of the murder, came to the conclusion that it was involved Maurice. Friends will prove the involvement in the murders of Maurice and achieve a just punishment for the killer.

Na Forma da Lei - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2010-06-15

Na Forma da Lei - Dalton Vigh - Netflix

Dalton Vigh de Sousa Vales (born July 10, 1964) is a Brazilian actor.

Na Forma da Lei - Theater - Netflix

Na Forma da Lei - References - Netflix