Acclaimed author Patrick Rothfuss brings monsters and legends to life as he examines the world's most enduring myths. He dives into the past and consults with present-day eyewitnesses to expose the truth behind stories long believed to be sheer fantasy.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-27

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A lake monster is a lake-dwelling entity of mythic origin. A well-known example is the Loch Ness Monster. Lake monsters' depictions are often similar to sea monsters.

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In Ben Radford and Joe Nickell's book Lake Monster Mysteries, the authors attribute a vast number of sightings to otter misidentifications. Ed Grabianowski plotted the distribution of North American lake monster sightings. Then he overlaid the distribution of the common otter and found a near perfect match. It turns out that three or four otters swimming in a line look remarkably like a serpentine, humped creature undulating through the water. It is very easy to mistake for a single creature if you see them from a distance. “This isn't speculation. I'm not making this up,” Nickell said. “I've spoken to people who saw what they thought was a lake monster, got closer and discovered it was actually a line of otters. That really happens.” Clearly, not every lake monster sighting can be accounted for with otters, but it's an excellent example of how our perceptions can be fooled. Paul Barrett and Darren Naish note that the existence of any large animals in isolation (i.e., in a situation where no breeding population exists) is highly unlikely. Naish also observes that the stories are likely remnants of tales meant to keep children safely away from the water. There have innumerable purported sightings of lake monsters throughout and even some photographs. Each time though these have either been shown to be deliberate deceptions, such as the Lake George Monster Hoax, or serious doubts about the veracity and verifiability have arisen, as with the famous Mansi photograph of Champ.

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