Discovery Family is premiering a new series that profiles the world's most unusual animal friendships. In My Dog's Crazy Animal Friends, playful pups form bonds with some of the most unexpected members of the animal kingdom. Each week, back-to-back will warm your heart and get your tail wagging! In the adorable series, viewers learn that unusual friendship isn't limited to just canines; animals of every kind make lifelong friendships with beasts whether they're furred or feathered. Gather your family for these heartwarming tales of animal affection and celebrate friendships that defy convention.

My Dog's Crazy Animal Friends - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-09

My Dog's Crazy Animal Friends - Bad Dog (TV series) - Netflix

Bad Dog is a Canadian animated series produced by Saban Entertainment and CinéGroupe for the Teletoon and Fox Family Channel networks, first airing on Teletoon on March 1, 1999. The cartoon focused on the Potanski family and their dog Berkeley. The show's gimmick was that, whenever Berkeley was told that he was a bad dog, he would freeze and pretend to be dead until someone told him he was a good dog. This would happen in every episode. The show was inspired by the After Dark screensaver “Bad Dog”. The two dogs have a similar appearance, and the “Bad Dog” of the show is named Berkeley, a likely reference to Berkeley Systems, the creators of After Dark. The show was paired with another series called Monster Farm.

My Dog's Crazy Animal Friends - Voices - Netflix

Harvey Atkin Sheila McCarthy John Stocker Emilie Barlow Tracey Moore Robert Smith James Rankin Ron Rubin Richard Binsley Don Francks Michael Daingerfield as Professor Peerless

My Dog's Crazy Animal Friends - References - Netflix