Stanley Beamish, a mild-mannered scrawny youth, secretly works to fight crime for a government organization, "The Bureau of Secret Projects." He takes a "power pill" which fives him the strength of a thousand men and enables him to fly. Each power pill has a time limit of one hour. Unfortunately for the Bureau of Secret Projects, he is the only person the pills work on.

Mr. Terrific - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1967-01-09

Mr. Terrific - Mister Terrific (comics) - Netflix

Mister Terrific is the name of two different superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

Mr. Terrific - Other - Netflix

In Kingdom Come, Alex Ross portrayed a Mister Terrific with oversized guns, shoulder pads, and other military accoutrements. He sported the “Fair Play” logo, but displays little idea of its true and original meanings. Another version was portrayed in JSA: The Liberty File and its sequel JSA: The Unholy Three. Here, Terry Sloane was portrayed as a World War II intelligence agent transferred to desk duty, until the untimely death of his fiance by the story's version of the Scarecrow. He was seen wearing a variation of the classic “Fair Play” costume and using a rapier.

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