A cast of maladjusted, foul-mouthed fools star in a bang-out-of-order cartoon sketch show.

Modern Toss - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-07-11

Modern Toss - List of 400-plus innings scores in One Day International cricket matches - Netflix

One Day International (ODI) cricket is played between international cricket teams who are Full Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as the top six Associate and Affiliate members. Unlike Test matches, ODIs consist of one innings per team, with a limit on the number of overs. The limit is currently 50 overs per innings, although in the past this has been 55 or 60 overs. ODI cricket is List-A cricket, so statistics and records set in ODI matches also count toward List-A records. The earliest match now recognised as an ODI was played between England and Australia on 5 January 1971; since then there have been over 3,000 ODIs played between 26 teams. The frequency of matches has steadily increased, partly because of the increase in the number of ODI-playing countries, and partly as the cricket boards of those nations seek to maximise their revenue. Team totals have risen steadily throughout the history of ODIs. This has accelerated in recent years, with improvements in techniques, new playing methods and introduction of Twenty20 International cricket. The highest team total until reaching 400+ totals was 398/5 by Sri Lanka against Kenya on 6 March 1996 at Asgiriya Stadium, Kandy. The 400 mark was broken during a notable match between South Africa and Australia, where they set a new world record and started a new page in modern One Day Internationals. During this match, both teams passed 400 and Australia became the first team to score a total above 400 in ODIs. In the same match, South Africa chased this 400+ total and recorded the highest chase ever in ODI history. As batting powerplays and other fielding restrictions have come into play, 400+ totals have become a trend. Six international teams have scored 400+ totals in their matches. South Africa have scored more 400+ scores in ODIs than any other nation, with 6 such scores till date. As of 19 June 2018, there have been 19 occasions where a team has recorded a 400+ total. The most recent 400+ score was achieved by England, who recorded a world record innings of 481/6 in 50 overs against Australia at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on 19 June 2018. Only six teams have reached the 400+ mark in ODIs: South Africa: scored 400+ on six occasions, where they won all six matches. India: scored 400+ on five occasions, where they won all five matches. England: scored 400+ on three occasions, they won all three matches. Sri Lanka: scored 400+ on two occasions, where they won one match and lost the other. Australia: scored 400+ on two occasions, where they lost one match and won the other. New Zealand: scored 400+ on one occasion, they won the match.

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