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Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

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Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-11

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Augusto Daniel Odone (March 6, 1933 – October 24, 2013) and Michaela Teresa Murphy Odone (January 10, 1939 – June 10, 2000) were the parents of Lorenzo Michael Murphy Odone (May 29, 1978 – May 30, 2008), a child with the illness adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). They became famous for developing a controversial treatment using Lorenzo's oil, for their son's incurable illness, and this quest was recounted in the film Lorenzo's Oil (1992). Augusto had previously been an economist for the World Bank. In recognition of the parents' work, Augusto Odone received an honorary doctorate from the University of Stirling. He continued to raise funds and drive the scientific task force known as The Myelin Project until his death. Michaela Odone battled cancer for some time and died of lung cancer on June 10, 2000, at the age of 61. Lorenzo died the day after his 30th birthday. He was almost totally paralyzed but was, according to his father Augusto, “holding his own”. He was unable to speak or move on his own. He communicated by wiggling his fingers and blinking his eyes. His mind was intact and he enjoyed music and having people read to him. “Certainly, he has good days and bad days, he is bedridden and he cannot eat more than through a tube… but his mind is still there. He likes that we read to him, that we play music for him and he knows who is around him”. He lived with his father in Virginia and was cared for by nurses and his family friend, Oumouri Hassane. In mid-2010, two years after Lorenzo's death, Augusto Odone sold his home in Virginia and moved to Acqui Terme in his native Italy, near his father's village of Gamalero where he lived when he was young. He died there on 24 October 2013, at the age of 80, and was survived by the son and daughter from his first marriage, as well as a grandchild by his daughter Cristina Odone.

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