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Type: Reality

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2013-04-10

MasterChef - MasterChef (UK TV series) - Netflix

MasterChef is a BBC television competitive cooking show. It initially ran between 1990 and 2001 and was later revived in a different format known as MasterChef Goes Large from 2005 onwards. In 2008, the “Goes Large” part of the name was dropped, but the format remains identical. The revamped format was devised by Franc Roddam and John Silver with Karen Ross producing. The series now appears in four versions: the main MasterChef series, MasterChef: The Professionals for working chefs, Celebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef for 9-to-12-year-olds. The format has been reproduced around the world in a large number of international versions.

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