From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Britain used to be a manufacturing colossus and renowned for its world-class clothing industry. But today, most fashion is made cheaply abroad and 25% of clothing is imported from China alone. So when and why did we stop buying British? In Mary's Bottom Line, Mary Portas is on a crusade to launch a campaign to reignite the UK clothing industry.

Mary's Bottom Line - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-03-15

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James “Jim” McCartney (7 July 1902 – 18 March 1976) and Mary Patricia McCartney (born Mohan; 29 September 1909 – 31 October 1956) were the parents of musician, author and artist Paul McCartney of the Beatles and Wings, and of the photographer and musician Mike McCartney (better known professionally as Mike McGear), who worked with the comedy rock trio the Scaffold. Like many families in Liverpool, the McCartney and Mohan families are of Irish descent. Jim worked for most of his life in the cotton trade, as well as playing in ragtime and jazz bands in Liverpool, while Mary was a trained nurse and midwife. The McCartney family lived in council houses during Mary's life, but Paul later bought his father a house called Rembrandt, in Heswall, Cheshire. Jim encouraged his two sons to take up music by buying instruments for them to learn, as well as improving their education. Mary was Paul's inspiration for the song, “Let It Be”. After Mary's death, Jim married Angela Williams and adopted her daughter from a previous marriage, Ruth McCartney.

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As Mary was Roman Catholic and Jim Church of England — who later turned agnostic—their children were baptised Roman Catholic but raised non-denominationally, although Mary had married Jim on the promise that any children would be baptised in the Catholic faith. Although registered on his birth certificate as James Paul McCartney their first son was known as Paul thereafter. The two boys were not enrolled in Catholic schools, as their father believed that they leaned too much towards religion instead of education. Paul remembers his mother encouraging her children to use the Queen's English and not the Liverpudlian dialect, which was unusual for the area they lived in. Jim and Mary would often take Paul and Michael for a walk to the local rustic village of Hale (home of the giant Childe of Hale's gravesite). According to Paul, these frequent trips out of Liverpool to the countryside inspired his love of nature. The McCartneys had a full set of George Newnes encyclopedias which Jim encouraged Paul and Michael to use, and told his sons to look up any word they did not understand. After Paul had passed the Eleven-plus Exam—meaning he would automatically gain a place at the Liverpool Institute—it was hoped that Paul would become a doctor or a teacher. Michael would also attend the Liverpool Institute two years later. After Mary's death, Paul and Michael were sent to live with Jim's brother Joe, and his wife Joan, for two months, so as to let their father grieve in private. Jim depended heavily on his sisters, Jin and Millie, to help around the house. Jim later took part in the running of the household, as Cynthia Lennon remembered that when she and John Lennon used to visit Forthlin Road, Jim would often answer the door with his sleeves rolled up, a tea towel in his hand and an apron tied around his waist. When Paul later played at The Cavern during lunchtimes, Jim would drop off food there that Paul would later put in the oven at Forthlin Road. Ruth remembered that Jim was funny and musical with her, but also strict when she was young, and was insistent that she learned good table manners and etiquette when speaking to people.

James Paul McCartney (born 18 June 1942) and Peter Michael McCartney (born 7 January 1944) were both delivered in the Walton General Hospital in Rice Lane, Liverpool, where Mary had previously worked as a nursing sister in charge of the maternity ward. Mary was welcomed back shortly before she gave birth to her first son by being given a bed in a private ward. Jim was not present at the birth as he was fighting a warehouse fire, but arrived at the hospital two hours later.

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