After the murder of his family, Frank Castle is both haunted and hunted. In the criminal underworld, he'll become known as The Punisher.

Marvel's The Punisher - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Marvel's The Punisher - Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher - Netflix

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (アベンジャーズ コンフィデンシャル: ブラック・ウィドウ & パニッシャー, Abenjāzu Konfidensharu: Burakku Widō & Panisshā) is a 2014 direct-to-video superhero anime film by Madhouse. The film is produced by SH DTV AC BW&P Partners, another partnering of Marvel Entertainment with Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Madhouse, following up on the Marvel Anime series. The film was released in North America on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital on March 25, 2014.

Marvel's The Punisher - Featurettes - Netflix

The discs has two featurettes: “Espionage and Punishment” and “The Vigilante Vs. The Spy”, while the Blu-ray has an additional bonus, the Conceptual Art Gallery. "Espionage and Punishment " shows the adaptation of the characters to anime and a “making of” the film including early concept art and storyboards. “The Vigilante Vs. The Spy” profiles Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).

Marvel's The Punisher - References - Netflix