Mariana de la Noche - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-10-20

Mariana de la Noche - Delia Fiallo - Netflix

Delia Fiallo (born 4 July 1924) is a Cuban author and screenwriter who lives in Miami, Florida. She is one of the most distinguished representatives of the contemporary romance novel, dabbling in various genres which appear in her literary output. Due to the contributions she made to the rise of the melodrama genre in the late 1970s and mid–1980s, she is considered to be the “mother of the Latin American telenovela”. In all, over 80 successful adaptations have been made of her soap operas in different countries and languages.

Mariana de la Noche - Ligia Sandoval - Netflix

Because of the irresponsibility of a man who cheated, Ligia Sandoval becomes a single mother and lives in a humble residential area with her godmother and a teenage sister. To everyone, Ligia's son is her younger brother. The male protagonist is Luis Gerardo, a young doctor devoted to research who has a fling with Lissette, who manages to bring him to the altar. The marriage is doomed from the beginning. He decides to divorce, but unfortunately a car accident blinds him and his wife. Ligia Sandoval – Venezuela (1981) with Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina Todo Por Tu Amor – Venezuela (1997) with Jeannette Rodríguez and Jean Carlos Simancas (very loose adaptation)

Mariana de la Noche - References - Netflix