Roger Mooking leads a culinary odyssey around the country on the ultimate search for Man's Greatest Food. From Steaks to Barbecue, Seafood to Sandwiches, Pork to Pizza, and of course, man's greatest Hamburgers, no eatery is too far out of the way for these mouth-watering Top Fifteen shows. Roger sets a fast pace to sample some of the most succulent, not-to-be-missed food offerings to be found in these United States.

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Type: Reality

Languages: None

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2017-10-11

Man's Greatest Food - Man v. Food - Netflix

Man v. Food is an American food reality television series. It premiered on December 3, 2008 on the Travel Channel. The program was originally hosted by actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman. In each episode, Richman explores the “big food” offerings of a different American city before facing off against a pre-existing eating challenge at a local restaurant. The program airs in syndication at various times during the week. Travel Channel announced in May 2017 that the series would be revived, with actor, food lover, and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb replacing Richman as host. The fifth season premiered on August 7, 2017. Casey Webb's second season on Man v. Food has been renewed with new episodes beginning later this year.

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On March 3, 2010, Man v. Food: Carnivore Edition aired. The episode was mainly a compilation of clips from Richman's more “carnivorous” food stops. Some clips included barbecue in Amarillo, Texas, and the Thurman Burger in Columbus, Ohio. On October 27, 2010, a special series of episodes, Man v. Food presents Carnivore Chronicles debuted on the Travel Channel; this series features clips from past meat-related episodes, including some segments that were featured in previous clip shows, with some unseen material included. This series is seen Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET. Other clip shows included a Breakfast Edition, featuring the series' most memorable breakfast dishes; a Dessert Edition and a Tailgate Edition were also shown. Another clip show was Man v. Food's Greatest Moments, which featured the challenges in Amarillo, New Orleans, New Brunswick, Fifth Third Ballpark (Comstock Park), San Francisco, San Jose, Little Rock, Washington D.C., and San Antonio, and featured commentary on the challenges by Adam. The newest clip show, Amazing Eats, premiered in January 2012, and it features previous Man v. Food and Man v. Food Nation clips in episodes set by certain themes (cheese, pork, burgers, etc.).

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